Happy with a bad judgment? It’s normal.

My experience as a divorce lawyer shows that people are sometimes happy with a bad divorce judgment. Science backs up my anecdotal findings. We have a strong tendency to prefer whatever bitter apple life hands us.

A Youtube video of a dancing parrot (“Dancing with myself”), a TED video by a Harvard psychology professor, and a Spanish love song (“Jodida pero contenta”) explore our ability to synthesize happiness and its evolutionary meaning.


A surprising amount of people are happy after their divorce even if the outcome was not ideal. The parties accept the bad outcome and go off on their merry wee way.

It turns out that this is a human trait. We are programmed to like whatever life hands us.


If you speak spanish the title to this song, Jodida pero contenta, says it all.

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  • Posted December 17, 2014

    A reader

    Thanks for the post. I would say we like whatever we are handed at times because it’s simply a final statement, it’s closure. Sometimes, that’s all we need to end something.

  • Posted September 24, 2015


    The great author George Orwell in Down and out in Paris and London, realised,that in the gutters of Paris, he had “gone to the dogs”, then found a sense of relief in his plight, because he couldn’t sink any further, there it is.

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