Divorce Law Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many people considering a divorce ask the same questions, this is an overview some frequently asked questions by prospective clients and things you should know before filing for divorce. Please click the following link to view our list of Frequently Asked Questions about the divorce process.

Divorce Legal Term Glossary

As much as I try to speak intelligibly, I often use terminology that baffles my clients (such as “status date”). This will help you understand legal gibberish a little better. Please click the following link to view our Divorce Legal Term Glossary.

Missing and Kidnapped Children

Most missing children in the USA are kidnapped by a relative involved in a child-custody dispute. I strongly believe in using the legal system to resolve disputes regarding a child’s welfare and believe that anyone who takes matters into their own hands is very likely to harm the child they believe to be “helping”. Please click the following link to access our page that shows a current database of missing children.