Client Testimonials

Reviews From Actual Fahnert Clients

Marie and co. are awesome. They helped turned what was heading into a disaster into the smoothest possible outcome. I needed a divorce attorney last minute and they came to the rescue. Worked with me in every way possible. What I loved most about Marie is her honest approach and dedication to doing what was right. Not your typical attorney. She proved to me that she genuinely cared about her clients and more importantly, she showed that she understands her clients. No one wants to go through a divorce, but if you have to, this is where to go. I really thought this would be the most stress that I’ve ever had to deal with in my life and for a week or so, I was headed that way, but thanks to Marie and Jesse, it was smooth sailing after hiring them.

Hess W.

There is no glitz or attitude or pretense… Two particular areas of her practice deserve praise. She shines in her research, writing and preparation… I always had access to every document related to my case. Do not be dissuaded by the fact that she is a younger attorney. She has honed her courtroom presence… While her hourly rates are not cheap, I still felt her services were a true value. I couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership we created and the results of our efforts. I highly recommend her.

Jim M.

Finding Marie was a great piece of luck for me. Seriously, I was ready for the last rites when I found her and she turned it around. This is not an exaggeration and she can relate my case. Marie is smart, well versed, with a strong legal education and experience that has won a significant case before the Illinois Supreme Court. If you need someone to start your case or take over one that is not going the way you thin it should (as I did) then contact her. You will not be sorry!

Jim J.

Marie is a smart, thoughtful, effective attorney who approaches law the way you would want your advocate to represent you. Above all, she is a person of integrity, who approaches things calmly, strategically and with a solid understanding of the law. Integrity in the field of family law is a rare quality; there are so many egomaniacal, self-serving, self-dealing attorneys out there. You never know if they are out for you or out for themselves. People get so caught up in divorce; they think they have to file this motion and that motion. Most of it is nonsense and just serves to jack up the fees of the attorney, who will gladly tell you why you should be at “war” with your ex. They then start a war for you that nobody can win and everybody, but the attorneys, lose. Marie won’t do that. She will counsel you, help you, empower you to make good decisions for yourself. It is the most important thing you could ask for. And, if your ex starts a war against you, I can not think of anyone more effective than Marie at stomping out that fire and getting you safely and reasonably out the other side. Marie is the attorney for people who have a life and want to get on with it, rather than spending every last bit of energy fighting it out in the courts. I could not recommend Marie more highly.

Greg B.

I found Marie Fahnert and her family law practice completely by chance . . . she was the only Chicago family law attorney listed in a NOLO referral database. I was apprehensive walking into her tiny, over-cramped office as there was barely room to sit amongst her and her two paralegals (she has since moved to slightly more spacious accommodations).

I came with a difficult divorce challenge and detailed to her specifically what I was hoping to accomplish. I needed to overturn an ill-gotten Default Judgement. She was forthright about where I should set my expectations (as they were initially both too high and too low) and we began developing a sensible legal strategy that allowed me to do some of legwork (to keep fees reasonable).

What I quickly discovered is that Marie is a hard-working (and sometimes overworked), thoughtful, honest family law attorney. There is no glitz or attitude or pretense. I always felt like I was getting straightforward counsel. Two particular areas of her practice deserve praise. She shines in her research, writing and preparation. And her firm is mostly paperless utilizing the web application Box to create virtual file cabinets to share communications and documents with her clients. I always had access to every document related to my case.

Do not be dissuaded by the fact that she is a younger attorney. She has honed her courtroom presence, never seeming flustered by grumpy judges or overzealous opposing counsel. And, while her hourly rates are not cheap, I still felt her services were a true value.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership we created and the positive results of our efforts. I highly recommend her.

Jim C.

Marie has been my lawyer for over a year.  I found her randomly on a google search and I asked for a consult when I was looking for a lawyer.  I chose her over the other lawyers based on her experience and I believed she would be a fighter for me during this process.

I can say I’m very satisfied with her and her staff.  She uses online document sharing and is very communicative with updates.  She does a great job to keep me in the loop and to go over the case over the phone with me.  I’m happy to say she “took the gloves off” and really fought for me.  Like any professional relationship, we had up and downs and she was patient with me in this frustrating situation.  It really helped to know she was fighting for me and determined to win me the best judgement.

I recommend her with no reservations.

Jay S.

Marie is a great listener with a very metered approach. She answered all my questions with patience and respect… She seems to be in the profession to help people. Bravo.

Dan A. 

Reviews from Fellow Attorneys

Marie is kind, intelligent, hardworking, open-minded and honest. She combines empathy for clients and their complicated situations with persuasive courtroom argument, careful negotiations, and dedication to legal research and writing. I recently worked with her as co-counsel in a complex interstate-custody case where her written motion (on a question of law) led to a favorable decision by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Kevin Johnson

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Marie is a very diligent and thoughtful attorney who is not afraid to go the extra mile for her clients. She is very “tech” savy and uses this to her advantage in her cases. She is also willing to consult with other resources and attorneys so as to provide her clients the best representation possible.

Glenn Kahn

I endorse this lawyer’s work. She and I have co-counseled on several cases, and she has done a great job of advocating for clients, in a variety of contexts, and she seems to get very good results for the great majority of them. She communicates effectively, both in writing and orally. She also genuinely cares about her clients, shows compassion for what they are going through, and establishes strong relationships with them. She is highly intelligent, and also possesses “street smarts”. She is concerned about ethical issues, and always wants to be fair. I have the impression that her clients are very happy with her representation. I have referred potential clients to her, and will continue doing so. –

Gerald Nordgren

“Marie’s energy, experience, and education (Northwestern grad) make her an excellent lawyer. She’s conscientious and thorough in everything she does. I strongly recommend her and often use her as a knowledge source myself.”

Russell Knight

Chicago divorce lawyer Marie Fahnert is a problem-solver with integrity. Her client service is excellent, and she strives to give clients realistic expectations while striving for success.

David Wolkowitz

Marie’s Blog, “Just Divorce”, shows a wisdom beyond her years. It is funny, moving, elegant and educational, all at the same time. If I needed a divorce attorney in Chicago, I would certainly hire her.

James Gross