Alimony for men

Alimony for men

We have come a long way since the 50’s. Women have entered the work force. Spouses are now expected to share the household chores and the rearing of the children. Nearly everyone now agrees that gender bias is wrong. Yet, there is one area where it appears we haven’t evolved at all: alimony for men. Statistics show that “thirty-three percent of higher-earning spouses are women, but fewer than four percent of alimony payers are women,” according to a CNN article on male alimony.

Some people blame the legal system for this unfairness. However, in my opinion, the alimony inequality has less to do with a biased legal system as it has to do with the divorcing couple’s own attitude. For example, men will often refuse to consider asking for alimony even if they have sacrificed their careers for their wife’s career. Similarly, a woman who has to pay alimony tends to be significantly more outraged than her male counterpart.

Women will never achieve full equality until men stop being stigmatized for earning less than their wives. Simply speaking – if alimony rates for men stay as they are – a married man will never have the same incentive as a woman to invest in his spouse’s career.

Conclusion: Equality for men = Equality for women

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