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Here are some of the recent family-law or legal articles that I authored or which quoted me:

Illinois State Bar Journal: Substituting a Judge as of Right. (August 2010). In this article I review when (and how) you can use your right to substitute the judge in your case.

Chicago Tribune: Finding Your Missing Piece. (March 28, 2010). The author analyzes what makes for long lasting relationships. After discussing successful relationships, she writes:

Hooray for the triumph of love, but, but, but … how can you be sure that it’ll work forever?

Unfortunately, you can’t, said divorce attorney Marie Fahnert. She said she has divorced plenty of once-great couples who grew apart, lost communication or lost trust.
But the good news: The qualities that “make for a good marriage are actually the same things that make for a good divorce,” she said.
The other day, I read a momentarily comforting motto on the back of a beer can: “Clarity is overrated,” it said.

Me: InFocus Magazine: Get Married Stay Married. (June 2010)(page 47) On its wedding issue, the magazine asks experts what makes marriage work. My advice: Maintain trust.


  • Posted August 7, 2010

    Terri Weiss

    Re: your comment to The Chicago Tribune: “The qualities that “make for a good marriage are actually the same things that make for a good divorce”—

    You are so right! Well spoken! Spouses who show respect for each other, even when they are no longer in love and know it’s time to move on, tend to be thoughtful and honest when it comes both to disclosure issues and in formulating rational, realistic settlement proposals.

  • Posted April 13, 2011

    Patricia Kalal

    I was listening on the radio this morning and a divorce woman was giving newly weds advice (it comes from learning from mistakes), and what she was saying – and what you’re saying were totally correct. Trust is a big issue, communication and honesty. Thanks for posting.

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