My awesome paralegals

My awesome paralegals

When I was fresh out of law school I had visions of providing clients with the highest quality of service regardless of their income. However, reality sunk in when I started my solo practice.

No matter how hard I tried to keep my fees under control, no person of modest means could afford me. Between office tasks and legal work, I was always overworked and underpaid. If I lowered my fees, I wouldn’t earn enough to cover office expenses and pay off my student loans.

Then, I hired Katelyn.

Recipe for a happy divorce

Recipe for a happy divorce
True cliche: Simple things bring happiness.

Maintaining happiness (or some semblance of it) through your divorce might not be as difficult as you think. According to scientists, the following things make us happy:

  1. Virtues: Our sense of wisdom, justice, compassion for others,
  2. Gratitude: Appreciating what we have and expressing it to ourselves and others,
  3. Savoring: Enjoying the moment and taking time to smell the roses,
  4. Engagement: Being in our activities for the experience of it (“being in the zone”),
  5. Living a meaningful life: Doing things for others and helping others.

Chicago lawyer on finding money

My friend, Russell Knight, has opened up a solo general practice. He is both a divorce lawyer and criminal defense lawyer. In his blog Russell recommends doing a criminal background check on your spouse at the beginning of a divorce:

By presenting this [evidence of a criminal record] to the judge, an attorney is able to wake the judge out of his or her “he-said-she-said stupor” and begin portraying their client as the good guy and the other party as the bad guy.