A tale of two lawyers…

A tale of two lawyers…

One of the first things many clients ask me is whether I’m a “pit bull” lawyer. I usually respond that I like to think of myself as a chess player. Pit bulls attack randomly. They focus on injuring and instant gratification. Chess players are clear-headed and focus on the end result. What follows is a comparison of the two styles.

Does your race matter in a child-custody case?

I used to think that race and ethnicity would never affect the outcome of a Chicago divorce. I’ve changed my mind. The color of your skin or the perceived status of your culture could affect whether you get custody of your child. Find out what made me change my mind.

When I saw Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED speech, The danger of a single story, it brought back memories of a divorce case here in Chicago that I dealt with last year. Maybe if the people involved in the case had seen this video, they would have been more aware of their own biases.

Happy with a bad judgment? It’s normal

My experience as a divorce lawyer shows that people are sometimes happy with a bad divorce judgment. Science backs up my anecdotal findings. We have a strong tendency to prefer whatever bitter apple life hands us.

A Youtube video of a dancing parrot (“Dancing with myself”), a TED video by a Harvard psychology professor, and a Spanish love song (“Jodida pero contenta”) explore our ability to synthesize happiness and its evolutionary meaning.

Using Tint to find missing children

Using Tint to find missing children


I just discovered this social media aggregator called Tint. It basically gathers feeds and posts them together in a pretty way. So for example, it can mix-up all the feeds from your twitter, Facebook, and linked-in accounts into one single feed. You can then post this feed online to make it easier on your friends to keep up with your latest developments.

Tint Review

I was just roaming the internet trying to figure out how to embed an rss feed into my website (I wanted to embed the RSS feed from missing kids into my website) and I ran into this website called tint.com. I’m not entirely sure what it does, but it is some kind of website aggregator