Uncontested Divorce

Attorney Marie C. Fahnert

Attorney Marie C. Fahnert

At Fahnert LLC our goal is to help you reach an efficient and fair resolution to your uncontested divorce in Chicago, Illinois.

We believe that our uncontested clients have a good sense of what they want, how to achieve it, and what is fair. If clients need help in any of these areas, we are here to provide the right kind of guidance. We will offer our knowledge and opinions but will stay out of the way if you want to negotiate the divorce agreement with your spouse.

Once you have reached a full agreement with your spouse (with or without our help) we are here to draft the divorce documents and to file the necessary paperwork.

Reasons to choose an uncontested divorce in Chicago:

  • It is often more affordable,
  • The parties wish to have full control over the divorce agreement (Marital Settlement Agreement), and
  • It is often quicker than a traditional contested divorce, and
  • The parties wish to maintain their privacy. Since negotiations occur outside of the legal system, you can rest assured that your personal details will remain private.

An uncontested divorce might be good fit for you if…

  • You and your spouse can reach a full agreement as to how to divide your finances and raise your children after the divorce,
  • You want to save money, and
  • You like to have control over your life and your future.

An uncontested divorce is within your reach if…

  • You are on speaking terms with your spouse,
  • You are willing to attend mediation with your spouse, and
  • You and your spouse are fair and reasonable people.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce we would like to speak with you. Call us at 312.235.2352!