Helpful or stressful?

I just came across this video of a therapy game for children of divorce. I’m not sure what to think. I got really stressed out just by watching the video. It is certainly good to acquaint divorce lawyers with confusion and pain that some children of divorce feel. However, is this appropriate for children? Wouldn’t it make a child going through a difficult custody battle feel even worse?

The winning divorce

The winning divorce

In law school we learned how to “frame” the facts to make a winning argument. This basically requires viewing things from a different point of view. The framing of facts, however, is not limited to the practice of law. In fact, how you frame (or view) “success” and  “failure” is an essential element in achieving happiness and success in life.

Recession and divorce has a an great article titled Will the Market Kill Your Marriage? that discusses why economic recessions increase divorce rates. Possible theories include:

  • Lack of money exposes fundamental flaws in the marriage,
  • Couples who had fundamental differences about money now have irreconcilable differences about it, and
  • Financial worries cause stress, stress causes depression, and depression causes divorce.

The most interesting quote of the article:

A study that correlated Playboy centerfolds with market conditions found that men like fuller-figured women more in lean times than in boom times. The APA study showed that when stressed, women liked to eat. Bingo!