Joint legal custody & divorce

Joint legal custody is only awarded to parents who can communicate well with each other. An amicable divorce is considered a basic element of this. A judge will be reluctant to award joint legal custody to a couple who is not able to come to an agreement on their own. Thus, you should try to resolve this issue before trial.

Joint physical custody & divorce

Generally, Illinois family law judges do not award parents joint residential (physical) custody. It is assumed that children benefit from the stability of living in only one place.

In the old days, it was much more common for parents to be awarded joint residential custody. This was often overwhelming for the child. Every week (or six months) the children would have to pack up and move to the other parent’s home. The children would miss their old friends, schools and the lifestyle to which they to which they had become accustomed.

Book Review: A Quickie Divorce

Book Review: A Quickie Divorce

Part of the job of a divorce lawyer is to explain the divorce process to clients. Much of my time as a lawyer is spent explaining how family law courts work, why a paper needs to be filed, and the meaning of legal words in a court document. I always thought that there should be a book that would cover these kinds of issues, a kind of “roadmap” to divorce that I could recommend to my clients. However, none of the books that I found seemed adequate. Thus, I was thrilled to recently discover Quickie Divorce by Linda H. Connell.