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Marie has devoted her entire career to practicing divorce law in Chicago. She believes that honesty, knowledge, and dedication are the best tools for reaching a fair and efficient resolution to your divorce.

Marie’s goal is to help you achieve a successful resolution to your divorce case through the least emotionally draining and most financially efficient means possible—be it through the use of the traditional courtroom process (litigation) or alternative dispute resolution (mediation and collaborative divorce).

Also, if your divorce judgment needs to be appealed, Marie has experience appealing (and winning) cases at the appellate and Illinois Supreme Court levels.


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Before attending Northwestern School of Law, Marie worked as a computer programmer (Java), an English teacher in rural China (2 years), and a berry picker (!).

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Marie’s achievements include:


Marie believes the most important quality in a family law attorney is integrity. A reputation for integrity will make judges and the opposing party respect your position and listen to your arguments. The best way to gain a reputation for integrity is by being honest, intelligent and hard-working.

Thus, in the courtroom—as well as outside of it—you will see Marie:

Marie’s ethics and hard work help you reach better results by winning:


Client reviews

“Marie is a great listener with a very metered approach. She answered all my questions with patience and respect… She seems to be in the profession to help people. Bravo.” —Happily Client

“There is no glitz or attitude or pretense… Two particular areas of her practice deserve praise. She shines in her research, writing and preparation… I always had access to every document related to my case. Do not be dissuaded by the fact that she is a younger attorney. She has honed her courtroom presence… While her hourly rates are not cheap, I still felt her services were a true value. I couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership we created and the results of our efforts. I highly recommend her.” —Another Happy Client

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