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Our Chicago Family Lawyers can help get a fair outcome in your divorce & custody case

We – the Chicago Family Law Attorneys that work at Fahnert Family Law Office – believe the most important virtue in a divorce lawyer is that of integrity. A reputation for integrity will have both your judge and the opposing party respecting your positions and listening to your arguments. The best way for an attorney to achieve a reputation of integrity is by being honest, smart, and hard-working. Our attorneys focus exclusively on family law – this means that Fahnert Family Law Office solely represents clients in divorce cases, child custody cases, premarital (prenup) and postnuptial agreements, and family law appeals. We will also work on cases involving the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) if one of our clients becomes involved with DCFS as a result of their case.  By limiting our focus to the area of family law, and by centering our efforts on cases that are tried at Chicago’s Daley Center, we strive to be the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyers that we can be and that our clients deserve. Work with us at Fahnert Family Law, and see the difference that integrity will make in your Family Law Case.

Divorce Litigation

All of our attorneys at Fahnert Family Law work to represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces. We often work on divorce cases that involve child custody (now called parenting time and allocation of parental responsibilities), child support, maintenance (also called alimony), division of property, and business valuations. Divorces may be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or trial. Every case is unique, and your case is no exception – entrust it to the expert lawyers at Fahnert Family Law.

Custody & Support

Due to a recent change in law, Illinois no longer awards child custody to either parent. Instead, the court will allocate parenting time and parental responsibilities (medical, educational, extracurricular, and religious) between both parents – in addition to determining each parent’s financial responsibility to raising the child. Our Chicago Family Law Attorneys have decades of experience in litigating both Child Custody and Child Support matters, and will work with you toward a resolution that is truly fair, and in your child’s best interest.

 Prenuptual Agreement

Prenuptial agreements (also known as as a “pre-nup” or an ante-marital agreement), have the power to pre-define both maintenance (alimony) and the division of the marital estate, in the unfortunate instance that the parties involved later decide to divorce. This agreement is binding, and takes legal precedence. At Fahnert Family Law, our Attorneys know that a fairly drafted prenup can have a uniquely strong positive effect on a person’s future. Thus, we pay attention to every word, and will consider every possible scenario in drafting yours.

Appeal Cases

If your trial court ruled contrary to the law in your family law case, you may have the option to appeal the trial judge’s decision. Appeals can only be filed within 30 days of the final judgment, so it is urgent for you to act as quickly as possible. Fahnert Family Law has worked on and won cases at both the appellate and Supreme Court levels, and we are the only family law firm in Illinois that has won a highly unusual and rarely granted Supervisory Order from the Illinois Supreme Court that vacated four months of the trial court’s ruling.


  • There is no glitz or attitude or pretense… Two particular areas of her practice deserve praise. She shines in her research, writing and preparation… I always had access to every document related to my case. Do not be dissuaded by the fact that she is a younger attorney. She has honed her courtroom presence… While her hourly rates are not cheap, I still felt her services were a true value. I couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership we created and the results of our efforts. I highly recommend her.
    Jim M.
  • Finding Marie was a great piece of luck for me. Seriously, I was ready for the last rites when I found her and she turned it around. This is not an exaggeration and she can relate my case. Marie is smart, well versed, with a strong legal education and experience that has won a significant case before the Illinois Supreme Court. If you need someone to start your case or take over one that is not going the way you thin it should (as I did) then contact her. You will not be sorry!
    Jim J.
  • I can say I’m very satisfied with her and her staff.  She uses online document sharing and is very communicative with updates.  She does a great job to keep me in the loop and to go over the case over the phone with me.  I’m happy to say she “took the gloves off” and really fought for me.  Like any professional relationship, we had up and downs and she was patient with me in this frustrating situation.  It really helped to know she was fighting for me and determined to win me the best judgement. I recommend her with no reservations.
    Jay S.